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About Our Company

E Pluribus Maximus (EPM) was founded in 1999 with the goal to offer our clients the highest quality resources for personal, professional and organizational development.  We supply products and services to a wide range of clients worldwide including Fortune 500 companies, government and public agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, as well as small and medium size business and independent consultants and trainers.  Each of our clients is a valued partner, and we strive to continually offer excellent products and services to support them in meeting their training and development objectives.  In addition to our own publications, EPM is now the exclusive distributor of the Trainer’s Spectrum line of publications, including the bestsellers StratLead, Assessing Behavior in Conflict Instrument, and the Team Leadership Inventory, E PM is also pleased to offer products from our industry colleagues who share our commitment to the best in training and development products such as HRD Press, HRDQ, Inscape/Wiley and the DiSC product line.  If there is something you need, or would like recommendations on training resources to meet a specific objective, please give us a call, and we would be happy to offer suggestions, and availability and pricing info.

Our corporate name “E Pluribus Maximus” means “Greatness From Many”, and it describes our philosophy, that working together brings the out the best from everyone.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you, and helping you and your organization bring out the greatness in your people.

Key Management

President:  Noreen Fennell

Noreen Fennell is the Founder of EPM.  Formerly President and Publisher of Xicom, Inc. where  she brought to market many well-known training resources, such as the  best-selling Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, Parker Team Player Survey and the La Monica Empathy Profile. 

Key Advisor: Alexander Hiam

Alex Hiam is an internationally known author, lecturer and consultant specializing in the area of leadership and management competencies and their role in building productive organizations.  He is a well known expert on the topics of leadership styles, management strategies, team building, conflict management and emotional intelligence.  He is the founder of Trainer’s Spectrum, and the Hiam Publications imprint, now a subsidiary of E Pluribus Maximus. 

Vice President of Consulting Services/ Lead Consultant: Vincent Capozzi 

Vince has a long history of helping companies and organizations define and achieve their goals, while maximizing results.  Vince has worked with both domestic and multi-national companies, ranging in size from Fortune 100copanies to family-owned businesses to help them to create strategies for success, with special emphasis on designing marketing strategies, product development, channel and distribution design and competitive analysis

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